In Rochester, Spider Control Means Preventing Entry

Spiders are found in many areas outside your home. Spider control begins by eliminating places where spiders live and feed. Weeds or trash near your foundation encourage spiders and other bugs to live in, on or near your walls. Outdoor lights or bright indoor lights attract their food. And since spiders feed on other insects, when you have spiders you also have a lot of other pests.

In general, all spiders bite, but their bites are not all equally poisonous. Most spider bites are no worse than a mosquito bite. However the black widow and the brown recluse bites are quite poisonous. They eat insects, which leads many people to believe they are a good thing to have around.

Spiders are of the family arachnid. They have two body parts, eight segmented legs and fangs that inject venom into their victims. They have no antennae.

They build webs made of silk. Each type of spider spins a different pattern of web, from elaborate orbs to random tangles.

Spiders are hatched from eggs. Most spiders have a life span of around 2 years.

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